How can I pay? How long does the delivery take?

Our methods of payment vary from PayPal over cash in advance up to direct bank transfer and amazon payments. After you purchase you will receive a confirmation listing your order once again. Our wooden products normally arrive at your place via DHL priority airmail within 2-7 business days, depending on your country.

  • All our goods are shipped for free within Germany.
  • For deliveries within the EU, the shipping fees amount to 3,50€.
  • For deliveries outside the EU, the international shipping fees amount to 6,20€.
  • For Express-deliveries within Germany, accrued fees will amount to 12,90€.

Duty/tax fees collected by the International Government’s Customs Department outside of the European union have to be paid by the buyer.

Is it possible to exchange the retrostiel products or send them back?

Yes, of course. We know that not every pair of sunglasses fits to everyone’s face and also not every watch fits to every wrist, that is why we guarantee a right to return of 14 days without any reasoning. So if you bought wooden sunglasses and/or watches in our shop you can just send us a mail to

After that you can just send us the retrostiel product of your choice in the same box back. As soon as we will receive the package, we reimburse you the whole purchase price plus the return costs or if wished we will send you a new product.

Which kind of wood is used for the production of your wooden glasses and watches?

We pick our suppliers with great care. As a result of that all our products are entirely made of wood and are not wood look. Our types of wood are therefore diverse. In our product portfolio we have several fine woods like bamboo, pear wood, oak wood, walnut or maple wood. We place great value on the fact that even after the production the unparalleled haptic experience of the wood is maintained.

Will my retrostiel product look exactly like on the pictures?

Does every tree look the same? No. Hence the wood grain of every wooden sunglasses respectively wooden watch is a bit different and thus unique.

How does your wooden products react concerning humidity and wetness?

The frames of the glasses respectively the watch case are crafted out of one piece and are treated with a thin and transparent natural varnish. This natural varnish protects the wood against moisture like sweat and guarantees a comfortable touch.
However, since wood is a natural material some advice might be taken into account:

  • In case of frequent and ongoing exposure to salt water and sun, your woo¬den product should be treated carefully with bees¬wax in order to preserve its look.
  • Our wooden sunglasses and wooden watches are resistant to spray-, and splash water but you should avoid permanent water contact.
  • Humidity can cause that the watch links cannot be turned easily – this will disappear as soon as the wood is dry again.

Is it possible to have a fitting for your wooden products somewhere?

For the moment we are a purely internet-based company with no physical stores. This enables to avoid unnecessary costs and results in lower product prices for you.

Can it happen that your products cause allergic reactions?

Our products are made using 100% natural wood, and we don´t use any toxic chemicals to treat or protect them. There are very few people who might experience an allergic reaction to woods. We suggest that while you are wearing the watch within the first few weeks, you should monitor your skin. In the remote possibility that you begin to experience any discomfort on your wrist or any kind of itch or rash, please stop wearing the watch immediately and visit your doctor.
We disclaim all responsibility for any resulting damages, injuries or expenses related to causes created by wearing the wooden watch.

This also applies for allergic reactions caused by the stainless steel claps of our wooden watches.

Do you also issue coupons to give away?

Of course, just send us a mail to stating the exact amount and we will work it out for you.

Wooden sunglasses

Is it possible to exchange the lenses with optical ones?

Generally that is possible, however we cannot recommend it given that wood is not a flexible material. But obviously that depends heavily on the wood type so on demand we can provide you with additional information.

Do the lenses guarantee sufficient protection against UV rays?

Yes. We only use premium-quality, polarized UV400 poly-carbonate lenses which fulfill the CE norms.

Do you have different sizes for your models?

Most of our wooden sunglasses are Uni-size and Unisex. Due to their spring hinges they are generally able to adjust to nearly every face. Explicit size information can be found under the article descriptions.

Wooden watches

Do I have a warranty on my retrostiel watch?

Sure, your retrostiel timepiece is warranted for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase under the following terms and conditions:
The worldwide warranty covers material and manufacturing defects existing at the time of the purchase of the watch. The warranty only comes into force if the proof of purchase is shown, with a valid payment of receipt. During the warranty period and by presenting the proof of purchase, you will have the right to have any manufacturing defect repaired free of charge. In the event that repairs are improper to restore the normal conditions of use of your watch, or if you purchased a retrostiel timepiece no longer available, we guarantee its replacement with a timepiece of the same or similar model/color respectively the refund of the purchasing price.

The retrostiel warranty does not cover: normal wear and tear or deterioration as well as water or fire damage, the life of the battery, the mineral glass, watch case, strap/wristband, loss or theft.

If you have any problems or question please feel free to contact our support center at

Is it possible to replace the battery of your wooden watches?

Without problems. For our wooden watches we use a Japanese Miyota movement. The battery can be changed by opening the screws on the back of the watch case. This can be done at any jewelry or watch shop or by yourself.

Are your watches size adjustable?

Yes, one size fits all. Our watches are constructed in a way that they fit to every wrist. With the help of your local watch retailer or a metal tool the wristband can be adjusted as required. Explicit size information can be found under the product descriptions.

If you wish so, we can directly adjust the watches to your size. To enjoy that extra service you just have to indicate us your size in the text box during the ordering process.