Our wooden timepieces are warranted for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase under the following terms and conditions:
The worldwide warranty covers material and manufacturing defects existing at the time of the purchase of the watch. The warranty only comes into force if the proof of purchase is shown, with a valid payment of receipt. During the warranty period and by presenting the proof of purchase, you will have the right to have any manufacturing defect repaired free of charge. In the event that repairs are improper to restore the normal conditions of use of your watch, or if you purchased a retrostiel timepiece no longer available, we guarantee its replacement with a timepiece of the same or similar model/color respectively the refund of the purchasing price.

The retrostiel warranty does not cover: normal wear and tear or deterioration as well as water or fire damage, the life of the battery, crystal, watch case, strap/bracelet, loss or theft.

If you have any problems or question please feel free to contact our support center at hallo@retrostiel.de.

This is how to proceed:

Please send an email to our support center at umtausch@retrostiel.de including:

  • A picture of your broken watch
  • A written description of the damage and how it occurred
  • Your mailing adress
  • Your proof of purchase/receipt
  • The style and color of your watch (if unsure, please browse our collection of Wooden Watches)

Thereupon we will contact you within the next 72 hours informing you about the next steps.

Note: The here mentioned warranty is not limiting the legal rights of the buyer.