Rules of shipment

  • All our goods are shipped for free within Germany.
  • For deliveries outside of Germany the shipping fees amount to 3,50€.
  • For deliveries outside the EU, the international shipping fees amount to 6,20€.
  • For Express-deliveries within Germany, accrued fees will amount to 12,90€.

Duty/tax fees collected by the International Government’s Customs Department outside of the european union have to be paid by the buyer.

Shipping time

Our wooden products arrive at your place via DHL priority airmail.

For shipments:

  • within Germany in 2-5 days
  • in countries of the European Union up to 7 days
  • in countries outside of the European Union up to 14 days

Our countries of shipment

Our products are generally delivered in all countries of the world but at the same time we remain the right to decline orders if the delivery would come with disproportionate high expenditures.

Return shipments

Our products can normally be returned in the same package to the address indicated on the invoice. Mail prices can vary depending on each country. More detailed information on your rights of revocation can be found on the page revocation info.